What Date is Fathers Day 2013?

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate Fathers Day 2013 which is on Sunday, June 16th in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Fathers Day is a special date set aside to celebrate the impact that our fathers have made on our lives and everything they do to support us.

“Dad, I know I can always count on you to stand behind me no matter what, 
and to guide me with your wisdom and love. 

That’s why Father’s Day is the perfect time to let you know 
how grateful I am for everything you do. 

I love you Dad. 

Happy Father’s Day”

Fathers Day is traditionally celebrated by sending cards and giving gifts to show our appreciation. But, as a father of three, I think I speak for many fathers when I say that the greatest gift a dad can receive is to spend time with our children.

This article, What Date is Fathers Day 2013?,  looks at some of the things you can do this Fathers Day to spend time with your Dad, and suggests some gifts that might hit the spot. For more ideas, Fathers Day Quotes, movie suggestions for Dad and more, take a look at When is Fathers Day 2013?

Here are some activities that you can enjoy with Dad on Father Day:

Fathers Day is a Special Day for Families!
A family outing to his favourite place:
When Is Fathers Day 2013?: Happy Fathers Day!
  • Animal park, zoo, bird reserve 
  • Motor sports: Car rally, stock-cars, Indy race, motorcross, motorbike race. 
  • Aviation-related: Airshow, aviation museum, war museum 
  • Boat, Fishing or Hunting Shows 
  • Sporting event: Football, golf, hockey 
  • Restaurants: Any of Dad's favourite restaurants: Boston Pizza, The Keg, Hooters or just about anywhere that sells steaks, wings and beer! 

Life Experiences With Dad 
If you’re looking to combine a gift with spending time together, then you might want to consider one of these life experiences: 
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: A thrill of a lifetime and a great opportunity to spend time together while floating high above local landmarks. 
  • Shooting Range: Most men like to fire guns so treat Dad to an afternoon at the shooting range, shooting skeet or clay pigeons. 
  • Introductory Flying Lesson: The perfect gift for a Dad who has never flown but has always wanted to experience the thrill of flying a plane! 
  • Play Golf: There's no better way to bond than spending four or five hours together on the golf course. Or, if Dad's game is a little rusty, how about a private golf lesson from a pro! 

Fathers Day Gifts 
Although Father's Day isn't really about the gift, it is part of the Father's Day celebration. So, here are some gift suggestions for Dad on Fathers Day:
When Is Fathers Day 2013?: Fishing on Fathers Day
  • Tie / Slippers / Sweater: Dad's just can't have too many ties, belts or other accessories. 
  • Liqueur Chocolates: Dads love chocolates, cookies or anything sweet! 
  • Fishing Gear: Fathers love to fish although my Dad didn't like it much when I hooked him in the ear! 
  • Wine or Spirits: Most Fathers have a favorite drink - maybe rum, scotch, whiskey. 
  • DVD of his favourite Movie: Choose a classic movie like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with Clint Eastwood, The Great Escape with Steve McQueen, or Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner (“If you build it, he will come”) 
  • CD of his favourite Music: No one knows your Dad’s tastes in music better than you. You probably grew up listening to his favorites! 
  • A Book about his favourite Pastime: Gardening, bird watching, history, hunting, fishing, whatever his passion. 
If none of these fit the bill, then take a look at Fathers Day Gifts, a broader range of gift ideas suitable for any Father.

I hope you've enjoyed this article on What Date Is Fathers Day 2013? You can find more activities, quotes and movie suggestions for Fathers Day at 
When is Fathers Day 2013?

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Happy Fathers Day!