Hobbies To Do At Home

Are you looking for hobbies to do at home? Are you nearing retirement and looking for something fulfilling to do? Do you want to earn some extra money?

This article will explain why you should consider blogging as one of your new hobbies to do at home, and will recommend HubPages as one of the best online resources to achieve your creative dreams. 

Start Writing Today!
I started blogging fairly recently because I'm getting near to retirement, my kids have grown up and I'm worried about living on a fixed income. I find it really enjoyable, therapeutic and quite addictive. In a few short months the range of my articles (Hubs, as they are called at HubPages) has expanded to reflect my interests.

The Benefits of Writing at HubPages
I have investigated a number of different blogging sites and the one that I recommend to someone new to blogging is Hubpages. Here are the reasons why:
  • Simple to sign-up: Simply go to the Hubpages Sign-up Page to get started.
  • Easy to Use: The software to create Hubs is very easy to use and intuitive. You can easily add capsules for text, photos, videos, maps and links to eBay and Amazon.
  • Help: There is a great help facility that can answer all your questions.
  • Generate Income: HubPages has their own earning program that pays you a small amount for every visitor you get. In this way, the more people who read your Hubs, the more money you can make.
  • Sense of Community: There is an excellent sense of community and fellow Hubbers are extremely supportive, always leaving positive comments and answering questions posed by fellow Hubbers.
  • Referrals: You also get paid for any referrals that you make either for new members or to other people's hubs. 
  • Achieve Immortality: Once you've published your first blog, you have achieved immortality! Your articles will be online for all the world to see, even after you've gone! What better legacy to leave your family than advice, stories and experiences from your life!
  • Therapy: Writing is therapeutic - it allows you to put your thoughts into words, share your experiences and seek input on your thoughts and ideas.
Check Out Some Examples
Before you sign-up, you should check out what the Hubs look like. Here are some samples that I have produced recently: 

Sign-Up for HubPages Today!
I hope you agree that they look pretty good. I'm no expert so if I can do it, you can too! 
Click here to sign up at HubPages today!

I hope that this article has inspired you to take up writing as one of your hobbies to do at home!

Happy Blogging!


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