Free Anniversary eCards for Husband

Here is a review of five top sites to help you find free anniversary ecards for husband, wife, parents, couples and friends:
  • Great selection of free anniversary ecards. In my opinion, this site is by far the best site that I have seen for free anniversary ecards for everyone in your family, including for husband, for wife, for couples and for friends. Here is a link to free anniversary e-cards at 
  • A good selection of anniversary cards for everyone in the family. Anniversary cards for couples, for him and for her. You will need to use the search facility to find anniversary cards for parents, for husband and for wife.
  • A reasonable collection but you have to sign up to get a free trial.
  • Only a limited selection of free anniversary ecards in each category, then  you have to become a member.
  • Not a great selection, mostly funny and cartoonish  
Review of Two Premium Card Websites
For those of you who are prepared to pay a small annual fee for unlimited eCards, here are two websites that provide exceptionally good eCards at a reasonable price.

The reason that I like these sites is that they are small 'home' businesses run by passionate women who have a talent for creating beautiful cards. Their products are truly unique and anyone who receives one of these cards will be very impressed. They deserve our support!  
  • Katies CardsAnother passionate entrepreneur, Katie Davies started making eCards 5 years ago and now has over 170 in her collection. Once again, all cards can be previewed before signing up, so take a look and decide for yourself! Katie maintains a blog where you can learn about all of her newest cards. Also, Katie is proud of her impact on the environment: "Sending Katie's Ecards is an environmentally friendly way of keeping in touch with friends and family. NO resources needed to manufacture printed cards, NO fuel needed to buy or send printed cards by road or air. Reduce your carbon footprint, send one of Katie's Ecards."  
  • Jacquie Lawson: Self-billed as the classiest eCards on the web, Jacquie currently has over 200 eCards which are truly beautiful to behold. As with most eCards, you still have the opportunity to add your personalized message at the end of the animation. And you can preview the cards without a membership so you have nothing to lose by taking a look! Incidentally, for those who are interested, there's even an explanation of how eCards are made! 

Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style!
If your wedding anniversary is coming up then, once you've found the perfect free anniversary ecard, check out these great tips to celebrate in style:
I hope you have found this article on how to find free anniversary eCards for husband, wife, parents, couples and friends helpful. 

Happy Anniversary!