Wedding Anniversary Names

Wedding anniversary names are assigned based on the year of marriage and follow the  traditional anniversary gifts by year list shown later in this article. 

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Many couples like to select a gift that reflects their anniversary year. The following chart shows the traditional anniversary gifts, modern anniversary gifts and traditional flower associated with each anniversary year:
Anniversary Gifts By Year
Wedding Anniversary Names are based on the traditional anniversary gift list. So your 1st wedding anniversary is known as your paper anniversary, the 2nd as cotton, the third as leather and so on. 

The milestone wedding anniversaries are:

  • 15th: Crystal anniversary
  • 20th: China anniversary
  • 25th : Silver anniversary
  • 30th: Pearl anniversary
  • 40th: Ruby anniversary
  • 50th: Gold anniversary
  • 60th: Diamond anniversary

I hope you found this article on Wedding Anniversary Names helpful. 

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Happy Anniversary!